Ward Jones

Ward Jones

Santa Claus

Santa Ward Jones has been a Real Bearded Santa and has been portraying Santa for many years.

Santa Ward enjoys reading stories to children of all ages!

He has worked with clients all over the Middle Tennessee area, (where he lives), from the Scouts to small groups, and also Parades. He has worked with numerous photographers and businesses, as well as doing many private home visits and community events.

Santa Ward is available for Personal appearances, Virtual Visits, Personalized Video Messages (Santagrams), Print Ads, TV Commercials, Voice Overs, Web Ads, Parades,  and Corporate events.

Santa is a graduate from the World Wide Santa Conservatory. He also belongs to the International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas (IBRBS) and the Fraternal Order Real Bearded Santas (FORB Santas)

Santa is Background checked every year and insured for your safety.

Serving the Greater Middle Tennessee areas.

Santa Ward loves the letters he receives from children and keeps every one of them.  Crafted with innocence and faith, these letters warm his heart throughout the year.  


(615) 364-3937